Get A Mobile Optimized App & Mobile Website And Market Like The Big Boys!
Mobile smart-phones are with your customers day and night. Its a personal platform that has great significance in the marketing realm. Unlike your old flyers that were looked at and then thrown on a car seat, stuffed in a pocket or thrown away. Your new flyers will have a call to action that you can track . You can now engage with potential clients with QR Codes. These codes can be added to flyers, items, clothes, posters, business and more. They allow your customer to visit your website, call you directly, watch a video or text you. Print ads just skyrocketed to new heights. 71% of people search on their mobile phones because they saw an ad. QR Codes are scanned immediately and help you stay connected. We like Microsoft Tag because its fun, easy and has FREE tracking included. Now you can know which flyers are producing results and which are not. Get more leads and sales. Try QR Codes today and take your business to new heights. Its not word of mouth it word of mobile. Go Mobile Today! 


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